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14. 1. 2021 9:00 - 12:30

21. 1. 2021 9:00 - 12:30

28. 1. 2021 9:00 - 12:30

4. 2. 2021 9:00 - 12:30

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As companies leverage Big Data and enter the world of predictive analytics, forecast analysts and demand planners are in especially high demand. The discipline is both growing and evolving; the advent of machine learning and predictive analytics, combined with increasingly volatile market conditions, requires companies to invest heavily in forecasting functions.
The CPF training brings you a deep understanding of the complexities on Demand Planning and S&OP. It provides you the necessary tools for accurate planning, and managing your processes to achieve maximal effectiveness.
Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning is the certification guarantee.

For whom is the course

  • Professional with ambitions in the expertise areas of Forecasting, Demand Management, Sales & Operations Planning, Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Integration,
  • Demand Planning Manager, Demand Planner, Supply Chain Manager, Forecasting Analyst, Forecasting Manager, Inventory Manager, Master Scheduler, S&OP Professional,
  • Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Consultant ERP who want to become familiar with the principles of Demand Forecasting and Planning

Course content

1. Fundamentals of Demand Planning & Forecasting: People, Processes and Technology
2. The Demand Planning & Forecasting Process: Basics of Demand Forecasting and their Drivers for Operations / Supply Chain Planning
3. Collaborative Processes: Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment (CPFR)
4. Data Management, Planning & Forecasting errors and measurement metrics
5. Forecasting Models: Time Series Methods and how to select and use
6. Cause & Effect / Regression Models for Forecasting & when they are most appropriate
7. New Product Forecasting & Planning: making decisions when little or no data is available
8. Demand Planning & Forecasting Software Systems: Selection, audits and more
9. Corporate benchmarks, best practices, and gaining buy-in through better communication in Demand Planning & Forecasting

CPF Studying materials

  • Official book for IBF’s CPF Certification program (Fundamentals of Demand Planning & Forecasting, Chaman L. Jain, 2017, ISBN978-0-983941323). From this book they will have to study 24 chapters, which represent 260 pages.
  • Hard copy syllabus based on the book with 24 inspirational presentations slides, additional reference material, answers & solutions for the problems and exercises.
  • Class-room discussion and hands-on forecasting with a live demonstration of the presented models in Excel and exercises on timeseries from the book.
  • Live demo of the very popular forecasting software ForecastPro from Business Forecast Systems Inc.

CPF Certification Exams

After our course you can decide to go for the official CPF Certification. You need to meet the eligibility criteria and pass 3 sub-exams.
Exams are done on-line.

  • Exam 1: 150 multiple choice questions
  • Exam 2: 125 multiple choice questions
  • Exam 3: 100 multiple choice questions

Two hours are given to complete each exam.
CPF is earned when 70% or higher is scored for each exam individually.

Eligibility criteria:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree and one year of professional experience in Business Forecasting and Planning
  • or two years of professional experience in Business Forecasting and Planning.

The event is online:

  • Enabled by Zoom audio and video connection.
  • Didactical concept is based on mix of powerpoint presentations, interactive demonstrations, case studies, assignments and white-boarding.
  • In the last session of each cycle there is an Exam Training
  • The exam can be taken within 2 weeks after the last session if students are able and willing to study approx. 6-8 hours every week on top of the lesson

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