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The main advantages of the APICS courses are complex understanding and acquisition of the perfect orientation in Supply Chain Management. It is up to you which parts of the Supply Chain you want to focus on, as you can choose a course based on your needs. You will gain a professional vocabulary and you will learn to use precise, unmistakable terms in English, so that communication will no longer be a problem for you. Certifications from APICS are internationally recognized, giving you the benefit of an enhanced CV no matter where you are in the world. We also offer open courses that are tailor-made for individuals and companies.

Open course

Open Courses for individuals from different companies, and fields of work, offer interesting opportunities. In addition to an individual approach from an experienced APICS instructor, you will be able to share your experience with experts in the field and establish new valuable contacts with them. Courses are usually held in Prague

Company courses

Company courses are tailor-made based on the company needs. The content of each certification may be focused on the specifics of your field. These courses usually take place within a company, with a minimum of 5 students


Is your team spread over several places in Czechia or even around the world? No need to worry, you won’t spend a fortune on transportation and accommodation. Our online course is your solution. The lecture is held via webcam, so there is still the possibility of interaction between the instructor and colleagues.

in czech

Do you have colleagues in the team who do not speak English, but you want to help them to improve? Provide them with the teaching course held in the Czech language. The Czech course offers the same content as the English one, only without a final exam and an international certificate. The most popular Czech course is CPIM Part 1 – Basics of Supply Chain Management. These courses are always provided as a company course, with a minimum of 5 students

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