Certified in Production and Inventory Management


helps to manage internal operations and production planning

What is the CPIM program about?

Specifically focused CPIM educational program is designed for professionals in the field of internal process management, resources, capacity and production planning. The educational program provides an insight into all key parts of planning and production management. The CPIM certification is a prestigious label, that shows your initiative and commitment to gaining the latest expertise and skills. Currently, there are more than 107 000 professionals who have successfully completed the course. Two courses and exams are needed in order to gain this certificate. 

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Who is the CPIM intended for?

  • Employees who focus on the internal parts of supply chain  (planning, resources management, and production)
  • Employees in cross-functional departments of planning, resources management, and production.
  • Buyer / Planner, Product Planner, Material Manager, Supply Planner, Manager, Consultant, Supply Chain Analyst, Inventory Analyst, Demand Analyst, Supply Chain Manager

CPIM program content

The CPIM course provides graduates with the skill set and tools necessary to effectively manage the first stages of the supply chain, and enables them to make operations planning, resources management, and production, more effectively.

CPIM – part 1

Basics of Supply Chain Management

  • You will learn the necessary terminology and learn basic concepts related to the management of planning from suppliers to customers.

CPIM – part 2

Modul 1: Strategic Management of Resources

  • You will learn strategic planning and implementation and how market requirements drive the resources and processes of an organization.

Modul 2: Master Planning of Resources

  • You will learn concepts for transforming sales, marketing, and business requirements into a feasible and economic operations plan. Demand management, sales and operations planning, and master scheduling are examined in-depth.

Modul 3: Detailed Scheduling and Planning

  • We will guide you in detail through inventory management, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, procurement, and supplier relationships.

Modul 4: Execution and Control of Operations

  • You will learn the principles, approaches, and techniques needed to schedule, control, measure, and evaluate the effectiveness of production operations.


Schedule of the course

Both parts of the program are held twice for 2 days, where you spend 32 hours with a high skilled, certified instructor, and the teaching language is English.



  • Experienced APICS instructor, who provides his experience, insights, knowledge, and individual approach.
  • Networking, experiences sharing, and discussions with a diverse group of supply chain experts.
  • Convenient hours and pace of the course.

CPIM learning sources

Reading materials:

  • All the theoretical knowledge required to pass the CPIM exams is clearly and comprehensibly contained in your workbook.
  • To consolidate the newly gained knowledge, there is a progress test at the end of each section.
  • You can rely on the information contained in the book, which is based on over 350 different references.


  • Thanks to access to the online section, you can practice questions with sample tests. All of this on your mobile, without the hassel of carrying the paper workbooks. In E-learning you will find:
  • Pretest a Posttest
  • quizzes sorted by chapters
  • 2 sample exams
  • online summary of individual chapters
  • Online glossary & Flashcards
  • Mobile access to tools and tests

CPIM Certification Exams

You need to pass both CPIM – part 1 and CPIM – part 2 to obtain the CPIM certificate. After passing the first part, you will get the Recognition of Achievement Certificate, with which you can sign up to the second part, after which you will finally receive the CPIM certificate.


  • Computer-based exam in Pearson VUE testing centers.
  • Each test consist of 150 multiple-choice questions.
  • You have 3.5 hours to complete the exam.
  • You will get your result immediately after the exam.


CPIM – part 1

Course (32 hours)     1.355 EUR

Learning materials     600 EUR

Exam     645 EUR

Total     2.600 EUR 

CPIM – part 2

Cours (32 hours)     1.355 EUR

Learning materials     700 EUR

Exam     645 EUR

Total     2.700 EUR

Official price list in EUR excluding VAT. The price includes 32 hours with APICS certified lecturer, official textbook, access to e-learning and a final exam. For individual demand, we always prepare individual calculations.

Closest dates

CPIM – #1

27. – 28. 02. 2020
12. – 13. 03. 2020

Praha – 9:00 – 17:00

CPIM – #1

06. – 07. 04. 2020
20. – 21. 04. 2020

Brno – 9:00 – 17:00

CPIM – #2

26. – 27. 03. 2020
08. – 09. 04. 2020

Praha – 9:00 – 17:00

CPIM – #2

14. – 15. 05. 2020
28. – 29. 05. 2020

Brno – 9:00 – 17:00

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