Certified Professional Forecaster


Helps accurate planning to achieve maximal effectiveness

What is the CPF program about?

As companies leverage Big Data and enter the world of predictive analytics, forecast analysts and demand planners are in especially high demand. The discipline is both growing and evolving; the advent of machine learning and predictive analytics, combined with increasingly volatile market conditions, requires companies to invest heavily in forecasting functions.


The CPF training brings you a deep understanding of the complexities on Demand Planning and S&OP. It provides you the necessary tools for accurate planning, and managing your processes to achieve maximal effectiveness.


Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning is the certification guarantee.

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Who is the CPF intended for?

  • Professional with ambitions in the expertise areas of Forecasting, Demand Management, Sales & Operations Planning, Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Integration
  • Demand Planning Manager, Demand Planner, Supply Chain Manager, Forecasting Analyst, Forecasting Manager, Inventory Manager, Master Scheduler, S&OP Professional
  • Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Consultant ERP who want to become familiar with the principles of Demand Forecasting and Planning

CPF program content

The CPF course provides a comprehensive view of the demand planning process and S&OP. It provides tools for refining individual plans for maximum process management efficiency in the company.


Fundamentals of Demand Planning & Forecasting

  • People, Processes and Technology. Learn how to structure a demand planning process to get the best results or how the forecasting process impacts forecast accuracy and how to gain forecast buy in/acceptance within the organization.

The Demand Planning & Forecasting Process

  • Learn what the bullwhip effect is, its effect on forecasting & planning, and how to prevent this from happening or about the key drivers and the considerations in operations planning and supply chain management.

Collaborative Processes

  • Learn how to design an optimal S&OP process and manage it effectively. Learn the basics of Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Replenishemenet, its success factors and challenges.

Data Management, Planning & Forecasting errors and measurement metrics

  • Learn how to define and locate important data for your forecasting effort or how to cleanse data and deal with data outliers, missing data, promotional effects, events, unit of measure mismatches, seasonal and trend effects.

Forecasting Models: Time Series Methods

  • Learn the fundamental differences between time series forecasting and cause and effect/regression models or how to evaluate accuracy in selecting your forecasting model.

Cause & Effect / Regression Models for Forecasting

  • Learn the benefits of cause and effect models as well as when and how to use them.

New Product Forecasting & Planning

  • Learn what to expect when developing and forecasting for new products & services and what models are available to forecast new products and how to use them in combination, e.g. cause and effect model and diffusion model.

Demand Planning & Forecasting Software Systems

  • Learn what attributes to look for in a forecasting software/ system that is best for you and how to determine the need for a forecasting & demand planning application.

Corporate benchmarks, best practices

  • Learn the basics of running an effective review meeting, how to structure an appropriate agenda, and how to prepare the most effective presentation materials or how to more effectively communicate with different levels of management and professionals and managers in different functional areas of the company.


Schedule of the course

The course will be held in 3 consecutive days, in total 24 hours, with a high skilled certified instructor, and the language of the material and the training is English.


The didactical concept is based on interaction and hands-on training with Microsoft Excel and live demo ForecastPro.

CPF learning sources

  • Official book for IBF’s CPF Certification program (Fundamentals of Demand Planning & Forecasting, Chaman L. Jain, 2017, ISBN978-0-983941323). From this book they will have to study 24 chapters, which represent 260 pages.
  • Hard copy syllabus based on the book with 24 inspirational presentations slides, additional reference material, answers & solutions for the problems and exercises.
  • Class-room discussion and hands-on forecasting with a live demonstration of the presented models in Excel and exercises on timeseries from the book.
  • Live demo of the very popular forecasting software ForecastPro from Business Forecast Systems Inc.

CPF Certification Exams

After our course you can decide to go for the official CPF Certification. You need to meet the eligibility criteria and pass 3 sub-exams.


  • Exams are done on-line
  • Exam 1: 150 multiple choice questions
  • Exam 2: 125 multiple choice questions
  • Exam 3: 100 multiple choice questions
  • 2 hours are given to complete each exam
  • CPF is earned when 70% or higher is scored for each exam individually


Eligibility criteria:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree and one year of professional experience in Business Forecasting and Planning
  • or two years of professional experience in Business Forecasting and Planning.

Closest dates


18. – 20. 03. 2020

Praha – 9:00 – 17:00


23. – 25. 03. 2020

Brno – 9:00 – 17:00


10. – 12. 06. 2020

Praha – 9:00 – 17:00


17. – 19. 06. 2020

Brno – 9:00 – 17:00

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